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—  We Innovate, Design and Build  —

Technological advancement is key to the development of a nation, and it is thus vital to incite creativity and innovation in the minds of young people. We do this by fostering involvement in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) among youth through robotics. Why use robotics? Because robotics can drive a change in mindset; when you see yourself create something with your hands and undergo the rigor of building, a belief in your capability to create is incited. The robot building process is an engaging hands on experience, and is a lot of FUN! 


—  our values  —


To bridge the gap between ideating and creating by providing young people with a hands-on learning experience through robotics.


We envision a country in which our young people take a leading role in technologically advancing the nation, and create African born solution to our challenges 


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Mon–Friday  8am–5pm